Most people, when considering whether to get involved with Bitcoin, look to the ebbs and flows in its price. This way of thinking is misguided.

The value of Bitcoin is not in its price at any given moment, but in the collective work of the thousands of people who maintain…

How Vulnerable is the World’s Internet?

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Terrorist Threat Against a Data Center

Seth Aaron Pendley left the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill with an idea. An idea for a novel, characteristically 21st century kind of terrorist attack.

The 28-year-old Texan began sharing his ideas on a right-wing extremist website called “” …

And Why Is It So Trendy?

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The “cloud” is just computers — lots and lots of them, stacked up in warehouses around the world. The companies that run these computers lease them out to organizations, who pay for the resources they use up. Pretty simple.

So why do people make such a big deal out of…

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It was late on a Tuesday evening, and the MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center looked like a time capsule.

Without an operational computer system, secretaries, nurses and doctors darted through hallways and up and down elevators, trading patient records on paper. Hospitals keep paper records for precisely such occasions —…

It’s Not That Hard

(image by Daan Stevens)

Hacking the Vice President

On September 11th, 2001, Vice President Dick Cheney was running the United States from a bunker under the East Wing of the White House. The President was in Florida, so it was up to Dick to handle the country’s most significant day since Pearl Harbor. …

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A patient walks into a physician’s office with pain in her right shoulder, but nothing appears to have happened there. There’s no bruise, no rash, nothing.

Perhaps the symptom is psychosomatic (in her head). …

What’s Wrong with QA, and Whether Algorithms Can Fix It

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The Monotony of Testing

Software testing can be some of the least enviable work imaginable.

The gaming industry is a good example. Video games may be fun for the rest of us, but only after they’re really not fun, for a long time, for all the people who have to test them.


WFH Makes Cyber Security Challenging

(image via Alistair MacRobert)

There’s a witticism in the world of security (albeit not a common one) that goes something like this:

There are three ways to break into a building: from the roof, underneath through the floor, or through a wall. …

A Security Risk for Large Companies

(NBC News)

Vendor Glut

Total SE, a petroleum corporation based in Paris, is a behemoth. And you don’t need to know a thing about them to tell: all you have to do is look at their massive, beautiful, almost frightening headquarters. The Tour Total is not only a skyscraper, it’s three skyscrapers smushed together…

Will Remote Survive IRL?


Unforeseen Consequences

Pandemics, natural disasters and crises in general tend to have consequences beyond the obvious death and destruction. A hurricane can cause infrastructure damage that affects the economy and mobility in a city a decade later. …

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